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Zoe, Russell, Penny Ling, and Pepper by RioluLucarioFan9000
Dragon Ball X cast watching Yu Yu Hakusho by RioluLucarioFan9000
Dragon Ball X - The Wrath of Loki wallpaper by RioluLucarioFan9000
Dragon Ball X - The Wrath of Loki poster by RioluLucarioFan9000
Penny x Russell
Russell's Apology by RioluLucarioFan9000
Russell X Penny Ling (hugging) artwork by RioluLucarioFan9000
Penussell Dance by TheFanficFanPony
Secret Cupet (Littlest Pet Shop 1001 Animations) by SofiaBlythe2014
Penny alone
Penny Ling JUS by RioluLucarioFan9000
Penny Ling by RioluLucarioFan9000
Super Saiyan God Penny Ling by RioluLucarioFan9000
Penny Ling - Serious by RioluLucarioFan9000
Russell alone
Russell Ferguson (Yu Yu Hakusho style) by RioluLucarioFan9000
Russell Ferguson JUS by RioluLucarioFan9000
Russell Ferguson by RioluLucarioFan9000
Russell - Look over there! by RioluLucarioFan9000


Ok so here are the rules.

1: You can make a picture on penny ling and russell ferguson, them alone, or an other couples you wish to use. BUT NONE INVOLVING PENNY WITH ANOTHER PET (besides Russell) OR RUSSELL WITH ANOTHER PET(besides penny)

2:Art work accepted: fanfictions , mature pics, or other kinds of art work you wish to use.

3:If you hate these rules then don't bother sending a request.

4: No bullying, don't copy other people's work on Deviantart, no spams.

5: Have fun with this

6: Please put the photos in the right folder.

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Littlest Pet Shop the Movie scenes (Hasbro idea) by SkyfallerArt Littlest Pet Shop the Movie scenes (Hasbro idea) :iconskyfallerart:SkyfallerArt 33 9
Ok, I've got the results right here and the first place winner is:

*imitates a drum roll*

SagieLPS592 with her picture…

Second place winner is:

*imitates another drum*

RigbySugarsphone with her picture…

And third place winner is:

*imitates a final drum roll*

Bashlover with her picture…

Congrats to the winners who participated, and don't worry another contest will be coming soon. So if you didn't get first this time, you'll get another chance next time. :)
Today is the last day to send in your entries, after today you can't send it in anymore. So if you still want to be in, you have to send it in ASAP.
Hi everyone, just a friendly reminder that you only have six days left to submit your contest entries. After that the contest will be over and I'll announce the winners. So get to it, if you wants those 10:iconpointsplz:
So each person (if you want to participate) will make a picture of any person or ship you want that supports the theme of this contest.

Theme: The theme is "Christmas in July"

Rules: 1) It has to be your artwork, not anyone else

2) It can't be a ship that I don't approve of

3) No fanfictions

4) It has to be appropriate

5) And you have to submit your artwork into the "Christmas in July" Contest entries folder.

Due Date: July 27, 2013

Winnings: The three top winners will receive these prizes:

1st place winner will receive 10 :iconpointsplz:

2nd place winner will receive 3 :iconpointsplz:

3rd place winner will receive a favorite on their picture.

So go on and get started, time is ticking :)
Ep.1: They danced together and linked hands during the pet intro. song. (She danced around him by spinning and Russell was amazed by it. And he uses her idea in having Blythe save littlest pet shop.)

Ep.4: During the end dance scene, Penny Ling bumps her rear against him.

Ep.5: Like in the first ep, Penny goes to Russell first to give her thoughts. Also, Russell getting really protective of Penny.(By telling pepper to take it easy with her jokes and being the first one to run up to penny when she starts crying plus comforting her along with Zoe.)

Ep.6: Despite everyone trying to help Penny at once, she only gives Russell credit and the personal hug. (For 4.5 seconds) When Penny reflects on those who have annoyed her, the hedgehog is not among them.

Ep.7: Their more closer interaction in the ep, Russell going to her for advice, Penny Ling crying over him, Fun Russell testing his new persona on her first and randomly giving her a lollipop as he breaks into song. (And in the end she's happy that Russell is back to his regular self)

Ep.9: The Dumbwaiter moment. (By saying,"For a brave and clever panda who just happens to be outragusly adorable".) Afterwards, Russell makes sure she gets credit for saving the girls.

Ep.15: The second Penny Ling makes up with the group, she catches Russell in another hug, a crushing one this time. (And during the beginning stands next to penny ling with a smirk on his face making penny think,"Uh.")

Ep.16: He gets mad when Penny starts licking another pet. (She held on to him TWICE when the sweet truck is moving and no one is driving it)

Ep.19: She goes out personally for Russell to fetch Vinnie

(Ep. 25: She was sitting next to Russell)

(Ep. 26: When Russell was seeing everyone's idea for a goodbye show for Blythe, he was very happy to see what penny ling was gonna do. And during the goodbye show when Penny Ling was doing her act, Russell was amazed by it.)
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